It’s no secret that consumer habits have changed. SEO has become an essential, and arguably the most important, marketing channel that organisations of all sizes need to include in their communication strategies.

Developing your websites visibility and how it is presented in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) can be the difference between stagnant and exponential business growth.

Organic search marketing has evolved past the point of simply optimising for desired keywords. It now requires a strategic, multifaceted approach that incorporates all aspects of digital marketing techniques.

As an SEO agency, we have helped organisations like yours develop their online marketing strategies, achieve goals they didn’t know possible and improve their bottom line.

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SEO services.

All of the following features need to be considered when producing an effective SEO strategy; and at Prototype, we are masters of all, Jack of none.


On-site SEO.

We develop your on-page content to improve your visibility in search engines and engage with your target audience.

Off-site SEO.

Using outreach marketing and link building techniques, we increase trustworthy traffic routes to your website.

Technical SEO.

It’s not enough for your website to be attractive for users, it needs to be attractive to search engines.

Local SEO.

Footfall, store visits and directions are still vital for the majority of companies. Expand your visibility past search engines.

Ecommerce SEO.

Be seen, streamline your processes and drive online sales. Using our SEO techniques we turn browsers into repeat customers.

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO).

We believe in exponential conversions. Implementing in-depth testing, we continually grow conversion rate for our clients.


The Prototype approach to SEO marketing.

Whether a Marketing Manager of an international company or an owner of a small, local business, SEO can be a daunting task. Even thinking where to start can bring on a migraine.

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Getting to know your business, industry and customers, we implement ethical strategies that are focussed on achieving your business goals. We are honest and open about what can be achieved through SEO and what can’t, and we will never offer an off the shelf, out of the box SEO packages that aren’t right for your business.

Being driven by data, our SEO campaigns not only have clear targets but clear methods in how we will achieve them. Giving you the reassurance that we are delivering quality results based on a thorough analysis.

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