Graphic design is a crucial service for any business, whatever industry you are in

You don’t get a second chance at a first impression, so your business’ branding needs to be spot on right away. Visuals, such as logos, posters or adverts, are often the way that customers will experience your marketing for the first time, and therefore help to mould their opinion of you right off the bat. 

Having that high-quality graphic design is the difference between appearing professional and trustworthy to your consumers, or sending them running in the opposite direction. If you’re not sure where to start, learn more about the basics here.

With so many graphic design companies out there, why choose us? Well... Prototype Creative wants to guarantee your business these positive first impressions - our expertly trained and highly experienced graphic designers are the perfect people for the job.

As a multi-faceted digital agency, Prototype Creative understands the change in needs that businesses have at different stages of their development. That is why we offer end to end capabilities so that you can count on us to provide quality graphic design, whenever you need us. 

Graphic Design

logo design and corporate identity

This is one of the most important pieces of graphic design a company needs, so you must get experts in to create something special. We are those experts.


Catch the attention and stay in the minds of your target market with our expertly designed banners and our end to end support. Whether big or small, we’re here to help your business get out there.


Our agency makes sure you’re selling your services in a way that instantly connects with your potential customer. There’s nothing more personal than something you can touch. Here are just a few of the marketing materials that we create for our clients:

  • Catalogues
  • Sales brochures
  • Flyers
  • Company information design
  • Online brochures

creative concepts

Got something creative lined up but don’t have the resources to see it through to completion? Prototype have the knowledge and skills to produce creative projects of the highest standard.

exhibition stands

At Prototype Creative, we know how to make a statement. Our dedicated graphic designers are experienced in creating captivating exhibition marketing materials.

other printed materials

Don’t see what your organisation needs? These services are merely the tip of the iceberg. Get in touch with us to have a no-obligation chat about what we will do for you.


Put your brand ahead of the competition with innovative menu designs that’ll leave your audiences’ mouths watering and your competition. We’ll create stunning graphics that suit your business and your budget


Design experience.

Our specialist graphic designers all have the knowledge and experience to make your brand come alive. We have worked on campaigns in a wide variety of industries for clients all over the globe and we believe that we have what it takes to create the engaging and immersive experiences you need, whatever the project. 

So, if you require our graphic design services, give Prototype Creative a call on +44 (0) 1709 761129 to discover how our team can help.

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