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The Client

Starting as a joint venture between two of our clients, Sport Elevation required an online presence to allow them to sell and deliver lesson plans based around their unique system.

Having reviewed the client's current needs and expected future changes, we built them an E-Commerce system using OpenCart which was then customised to their specific requirements.

As lesson plans and bibs were the two main selling points of Sport Elevation, these were given pride-of-place at the top of the home page to guide users straight to them. When combined with a large image of children wearing the bibs and enjoying the lesson, this helps promote the service to their target audience, schools.

The site was given simple, easy to use navigation and multiple video testimonials (recorded by the client) to direct the customers and sell them the product.

The Finest Development Solutions

Our bespoke development services mean that we can design and build unique systems that simplify processes.

Our bespoke development is groundbreaking. Interested? You know what to do...

sport elevation sport elevation sport elevation
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