Richter (formerly Richter Associates) came to us for a company rebrand. With massive targets, they wanted the company to reflect the recent growth and their future aspirations.

The logo was the first thing to change. "Associates" was dropped, as was the acronym logo. We kept the border but made it more of a feature and removed the corner to show incompleteness. This outline became a prominent feature of the website, on buttons and interacting with images, and was used heavily in the printed media. The aim being that even without the logo, any Richter branded material was recognisable.

Finally, as part of the website launch, we were tasked with producing a 2m 30s promotional video (visible on their website), scripted and storyboarded by ourselves, with some footage captured by Awesome, who worked with us.

Take a look at the work below and visit the new website for more.

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