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The Client

One Resource is a recruitment company that works with a wide range of job seekers & businesses in South Yorkshire. They aim to take the hassle out of recruitment for companies and seek opportunities for the ideal candidates.

One Resource had a fairly standard looking website that wasn't very memorable, was difficult to find jobs and had no features to make people return.

We flipped the script. Vibrant colours were taken from the logo to brighten up the website. We made the search function the most prominent element on the home page and even featured some of the jobs to improve usability.

Small characters were introduced, like borrowers, to represent the people at One Resource working behind the scenes and give people something to remember them by. And circles were used throughout to reinforce the brand logo.

We Make Websites Memorable

Besides being the best-looking web design agency this side of the M1, we're at the top of our design game. We know what works and what doesn't and we have the experience to back it up. Our websites are bespoke, responsive, mobile-first and perfectly designed to any specification.

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