The Client

Moovidis is a confectionery brand under Moroccan based confectionary company, BISCAF. They wanted to launch a new lollipop and biscuit brand under a different facility.

Moovidis approached us when they were looking to launch a new confectionary range under a new brand and company name. 

Initially, they had some ideas but didn't really have a name or image of what they wanted their logo and packaging to look like. 

This left a big gap for our designers to fill and really challenged their creativity skills. Our team created several draft concepts for logos and branding. These were presented to our client with a presentation highlighting name ideas, visual concepts, competitor research and logo attributes. This was received well by Moovidis where they decided to use the name Mayders as this referenced our clients childrens' initials.

The branding and logos were then created for the name 'Mayders'.

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