kinder boutique

We developed a sexy logotype and a beautiful repeat pattern for Kinder Boutique to set them apart from their competition and add a classy touch to the children clothing company.

The designs had to attract both children and parents so the playful, yet corporate was experimented with. If we'd have gone too far towards appealing to children, we would have cheapened the brand and discourage parents. But if we'd gone completely in the opposite direction and aimed soley at parents, we would have created a shop as appealing to children as the dentist.

We started with Futura as a base font, then twaked and recreated each letter to give it more personality and flow. We also included a subtle reference to animals with a big round bum and tail for the "Q."

The pattern appeared on everything in subtle and interesting ways from spot uv on business cards to frosting on the shop windows and was a real hit with the kids.

Take a look at some of the designs and processes below.

kinder boutique kinder boutique kinder boutique
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