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The Client

JoEnglish came to us with the idea of creating an e-learning platform, focusing on teaching Italian's to speak English. Given our extensive experience in software development within the online learning sector, we were naturally excited to get started.

Learning From The Best

Our team developed an e-learning platform that allowed users to sign up, watch a raft of on-demand content, track their progress and even interact with Joe and his community of followers via live streams, forums and discussions.

A Bespoke Build

We gave the client the ability to manage billing and payments with Stripe, upload on-demand video and live streaming, all through our bespoke ProtoCMS. With the site being in Italian, we required accurate translations and in-depth audience knowledge. 

A* Result

The site exceeded Joe's expectations within the first hour and continued to ramp up massively over the first month meaning the site smashed Joe's year 1 targets within the first 4 weeks. Even with the site beating all expectations, our comprehensive go live plan meant that the servers coped well with all the traffic and there have been no issues for users. Due to this overwhelming success, the client is already looking to invest in further updates and expand on features. Our developers have already started work on stage 2 and we've began discussions on stage 3 with some exciting new additions on the way!

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