hot jack's

The Client
Hot Jack’s are a local food retailer in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, specialising in luxury sweet treat boxes, freak shakes and more.

The Brief
With a new website and a long-standing regular clientele who ordered by phone, or third party app, the team felt that it was time to increase brand awareness, engagement levels and revenue by promoting their site.

Our Approach
With a restrained budget, we set out to increase their brand perception within the surrounding area, draw in more potential customers and generate referrals with a social media advertising campaign. Competition led, the advertisement used detailed location targeting and lookalike audiences to drive engagement.

The Results
Hot Jack’s saw an engagement increase of 80% from this single social media advertising campaign, Facebook page likes gained an overall increase of 16% and the Ad itself drove thousands of engagements. The client's website traffic hit an all-time high, and local people were able to rave about their favourite takeaway online.

Overall, this small, localised campaign utilised a controlled budget to give our clients the most bang for their buck, meeting their goals and managing to get their name out to the people around them. This goes to show how even the smallest of businesses can profit from targeted pay per click advertising.

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