herba nutrition

The Client
Herba Nutrition was going from strength to strength with their paid advertising, seeing an increase in revenue month by month. Our pay per click strategy was taking care of that nicely, but the team were missing a lot of potential visitors when it came to organic traffic.

The Brief
Put simply, their SEO game needed work and we were only too happy to help out. We had to start from scratch with Herba Nutrition’s search engine optimisation, but it gave us a chance to show off our skills.

Our Approach
Herbalife keywords are notoriously difficult to rank for, with thousands of competitors for each, so we needed to take our time to develop an optimisation strategy that worked for them on a Google Search and Google Shopping level.

Firstly, we set up tracking codes to effectively monitor their traffic and conversions. Having a digital marketing strategy is nothing without analytics. Then, we took an in-depth look at their competitors, analysed how they were driving traffic, then did it better.

Regular site audits highlighted key issues within Herba Nutrition’s webpages that needed attention, including improving the descriptive content, optimising formatting and paying great attention to internal linking mistakes. User intent is a huge part of our work with this organisation, as consumers need to not only click on products but be engaged and impressed by them. And with so many other sites attempting to do the same, we needed to take back the impression share from vendors who had been established for much longer than our clients.

We needed to exploit all SERP features in an attempt to drive organic traffic to the site, so achieving a greater volume of reviews, optimising for featured snippets and on-page links was a big part of your SEO work for Herba Nutrition.

The Results
Herba Nutrition saw a whopping 607% increase in their organic traffic, month on month, with over 200 ranking keywords within 3 months of our campaigns beginning. With an 85% increase in organic e-commerce rates and from virtually no impressions on Google, to over 20,000 search engine impressions within 6 months of work beginning, we are well and truly on our way to establishing our client within this highly competitive marketplace.

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