The Client

Dipp+Co are an American swimwear company that make comfortable & stylish clothing from sustainable fabrics.

They came to us when they needed to develop a new brand identity that would stand out and highlight the key selling points of their business.

Room for expansion

We began by exploring naming options and domains for the company, looking at what would relate and be recognisable for a swimwear brand. After this, we produced logo concepts based on 3 different name ideas. It’s important to note that the logo needed to appeal to all genders and ages although their initial target market was women in their 30s. Our logo concepts gave the brand room for future expansion in different target markets.

The chosen logo was refined so much that the final outcome was created entirely from 7 circles, and 7 lines.

Topping it off

Adding to the chosen logo, our designers selected a colour scheme that represented the brand. Dark turquoise and salmon pink was selected to represent the Pink Sands Beach in the Bahamas as this was an inspiration to the client.

We used Gilroy as the primary typeface which helped structure the brand, and a secondary selection of typefaces was selected to emphasise headings and add interest to adverts, creating a playful nature.

dipp+co dipp+co dipp+co
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