clear quality

The Client
The Clear Quality group are a team of qualified IRCA ISO consultants whom each have their specific industry knowledge and expertise supporting micro-businesses and multi-national organisations with their ISO requirements.

The Brief
Clear Quality wanted to expand their business, offering a wider range of services to their clients and for this, they needed extra SEO support. The organisation was already generating a good volume of organic traffic; however, there was a great deal of potential to improve and drive more leads for the business.

Our Approach

Search Engine Optimisation
Prototype Creative conducted an in-depth competitor analysis for Clear Quality, then set about developing a search engine optimisation strategy to incorporate on-page content, technical auditing and link building support.

Clear Quality is an exceptionally respected company in their field, so delivering a superb search engine marketing strategy was vital to reflect their capabilities.

Pay Per Click Management
Alongside our SEO work, we set up and managed pay per click advertising campaigns for the organisation, resulting in some outstanding results. Google Ads were created with effective tracking and bidding strategies in place. Social media retargeting gave the company a next-level approach when compared to its competitors, resulting in a higher level of website traffic and repeat visitors.

The Results
With our SEO efforts firmly starting to take hold, Clear Quality received a 150% increase in year-on-year organic traffic and a 189% increase in the volume of keywords the business was ranking for. From the data below, we can see the huge difference this has made for Clear Quality, as they are now in position one for a range of relevant, high volume and non-branded keywords.

Google Ads saw a 78% decrease in cost per click, saving the company money, all while still driving high levels of motivated traffic to their site. Plus, a 230% increase in clicks Y-O-Y and session durations up by over 110% speak for themselves.

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