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The Client

Put simply, Bite Digital, is less of a client, more like our pride and joy...

We grew the idea in the soil of our digitally minded employees and, after a great deal of care and a little time, our promising pixelated carrot grew and was ripe for the picking. Now an online marketing agency in its own right, Bite still works closely alongside us, with access to all our accumulated knowledge and a vast array of skills, ensuring that we offer the full range of digital products to satisfy ambitious businesses.

In order for Bite to be a successful enterprise, we knew that expanding its reach and making a name for itself in the digital marketplace was going to be vital.

Chomping at the bit...

Our first job was to create a branding and website packaging that completely stood out from the cloud. No ultra-white, minimalist fads here. This was a business with Bite and we were determined that this agency had teeth. The bold colours, big headers and no-nonsense designs gave off the right impression from the homepage to the privacy policy.

Hungry for more

Once Bite Digital’s website was up and running, we loaded it with fully optimised content, pushing our local roots, yet not being afraid to show our passion for expansion. The copy had to match the site’s persona: quirky, funky and a little bit cheeky. Our team worked their little fingers off, typing away for weeks to achieve the perfect copy. The blog generated serious organic traffic from the SERPs and became a bit of an authority in its field, while bounce rates and average session duration was extremely impressive for the industry.

Savvy social media

Running the agency’s social media, we wanted to become an educational platform within the digital marketing sector, giving like-minded people and businesses the opportunity to learn from Bite. Not only that, we were keen to showcase what we knew and that we knew it inside out. It wasn’t long before our social media started gathering momentum, particularly on Instagram, becoming a valuable source of traffic for the site.

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