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After finishing the first version of the Birch Mortgages website back in 2010 (albeit under a different name) we have kept in regular contact with the client to ensure that any changes to the site were kept on top of and everything ran smoothly.

This recent version of the site included an update to a responsive CMS to allow the client to control all of the content and ensure the site works effectively on any device.

The new website feels very bright and fresh and includes a lot of subtle, effective features on scroll and hover.

We also introduced an innovative navigation idea that changed the colour of the whole nav by hover based on the section you were hovering over. Our design team made the Birch Mortgages brand more approachable and friendly by adding photos and illustrations of homebuyers with boxes on their heads with smiley faces to bring humour to the brand. These were very well received.

Our expert design team can take on any project. Whether you're in need of a brand uplift or graphic design, contact us now.

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birch mortgages birch mortgages birch mortgages birch mortgages birch mortgages
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