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The Client
Ardagh Group is a leading supplier of value-added, infinitely recyclable, metal and glass packaging solutions for the world's leading brands.

The organisation has a truly global presence, operating 56 metal and glass production facilities in 12 countries, employing 16,000+ people and have global sales of approximately $7bn.

The Brief
Ardagh Group is a multi-national company and while it is estimated that there are at least 6 items they make in every household in Europe, they are not a well-known brand by name.

Brand awareness in multiple markets was their goal, aiming to increase traffic to their site, positionings on search engines and recruit a younger audience via social media. We developed an all-compassing digital strategy for them that focussed on four main areas: on-page search engine optimisation, digital PR and outreach, social media preparation and pay per click management.

The Strategy

On-Page SEO
The team undertook technical audits of the site regularly to ensure it could be crawled and indexed effectively, consistently increasing organic traffic. Internal linking was updated to give the site the best possible chance at ranking for tracked keywords, while metadata was constantly added and optimised for SEM.

PR & Outreach
A competitor-driven link building strategy was implemented that mirrored Ardagh’s international presence and drove traffic from relevant sources, news stories were promoted outwardly and efforts to reclaim lost backlinks have been paramount throughout our partnership.

Social Media Strategy
Prototype Creative took on a social media consultancy role and oversaw the creation and implementation of Ardagh’s global social media profiles. Our work helped the team to strategise content using a variety of media, run social boosting campaigns effectively, set up social scheduling platforms correctly, and capture that all-important youth demographic for recruitment purposes.

We managed and monitored paid social posts on an international stage, with work being completed from Europe to the US.

This was not just about raising brand awareness, but reaching a different audience when compared to their other digital marketing activities.

Pay Per Click
Finally, Google Ads were created and monitored regularly, ranking Ardagh for sustainability-related keywords and gave them the ability to increase their brand awareness, as an environmentally conscious organisation. Ads were tailored towards a universal audience, as they ran in 10 different countries.

The Results
Ardagh Group saw their domain authority increase since our campaigns began, a vital SEO signal that can increase ranking ability tenfold. Also, the company saw a 133% increase in ranking keywords, with over 650 keywords now placing in the top 3 SERP positions and over 100% increase in backlink volume since our work with them began.

Prototype Creative have managed to increase Ardagh Group's impressions in the search engine results pages by over 300,000 impressions in 6 months and their brand mentions have risen by over 50% in just a few months.

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