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The Client

Ardagh Group are global leaders within the packaging manufacturing industry. They offer glass and metal packaging solutions. We have worked with Ardagh Group since 2009.

We were approached by their Metal Europe division to help with the creation of an Augmented Reality App for the "Why Metal?" book they were about to publish.

Using Invisible Watermark technology from a company in the Netherlands, that was printed directly into the brochure, we created native Apps for both iOS and Android that would allow a user to scan certain pages within the book to be presented with either a video or a 3D model which they can interact with on-screen.

We designed a very streamlined app that quickly leads into the scanner. The augmented reality created the illusion that a can was stood on top of the book, you could then move around the object and explore it from all angles.

Bespoke Development Solutions

Over the years, we have created countless bespoke systems using a wide variety of programming languages, utilising multiple platforms, from custom functionality on a website through to building unique software, we cover it all. We don't give you off of the shelf software or shelf solutions. Our bespoke solutions and software cater to you and your needs. We have a firm belief at Prototype that it is never one fits all.

Looking to get your own application? We can help.

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