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The Client

The University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) is a network of world-leading research and innovation centres working with manufacturing companies of any size from around the globe.

AMRC needed a branding update to match their university ties. Previously, we had already created logos and branding for their subdivisions, including the AMRC Training Centre and NuclearAMRC.

Bespoke innovation

At Prototype Creative, we like to call ourselves innovators, but we like to prove it too, so we transferred AMRC’s new site onto our own bespoke CMS. Not only did this give our client capabilities for form generation, the ability to edit content with ease and build custom pages in no time, but we included super nifty advancements, like multiple automatic button styles that were generated based on the space and content of the link.

Further-proof development

Our work with AMRC has enabled them to develop the training and apprenticeship side of their business, bringing their website into the modern, more competitive online landscape and given them the ability to really take charge of their content. For us, our design and development work with AMRC shows that the functionality of a website and content management system should be a priority for all organisations. A pretty website is all very well and good, but if it can’t be updated regularly, or chopped and changed to suit the needs of an ever-changing industry, then how can any business expect to stay ahead of it’s competitors?

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