Why You Should Use An Agency For Web Design

Having a nice and professional website design is the first step in digitalising your brand. It feels great to know that your company is looking the best that it can, we take pride in our online appearance and so should you.


There are many myths and anxieties about going externally to find a website design or using an agency. We hope that if you were hesitant in the beginning, you aren’t by the end of this post. Your trust is everything to us and we are committed to providing all of our clients with the highest quality of work.

We know what you’re thinking, maybe I could just set one up using pre-made templates? Whilst it is easier to do that, you aren’t giving your branding the chance it needs to stand out from the crowd and look better than your competitors. Being aware that this could be the difference between someone purchasing your product or another company’s might just turn your head a little.

Here are our biggest reasons as to why you should use an agency for your web design

Experience and Expertise

A design agency is most likely to have the experience and expertise that you don’t possess to make a web design. This means the experts will always know what looks and will work best, especially if they have knowledge of the market from working alongside other teams such as digital marketing. Even if you only have a couple of ideas for your design, an experienced and professional design team will always be able to come up with something and offer you different options. This type of expertise and experience, most of the time, will only come from an established agency with its design team.

You Are at The Centre of Our Work

If you are running a business, you will have countless tasks to do to make sure it is running smoothly so you won’t be able to dedicate 100% focus to a web design project. Alongside trying to learn how to make a web design, there are many other responsibilities for you to juggle and it can be hard to dedicate time to this task because it will inevitably take you longer if you have no previous knowledge of design. When a design team take on the task of creating a web design for you, you become their client and your needs and wants are at the centre of their work. Their time is solely dedicated to you so they will only have full concentration on making you look a million bucks!

Additional Extras/Cost-Effective

Some agencies will offer you extras you can choose to take when you discuss the project with them. For example, we offer our own unique build of content management systems which mean that a website is easier and more accessible to update in the future. Web designs can also be cost-effective in the long run because you have your personalised website without the extra costs that a template run website could charge. In terms of our pricing, it depends on the brief and capabilities which we discuss with our clients and are fully transparent with our processes. Agencies like us love to offer fair prices for bespoke designs and be thorough to ensure that your website is perfect for you and fully functioning.

Designers Use the Latest Tools and Processes

The tools made to create a web design and website are always kept up to date in an agency. Who wants an old, out of date site? Certainly not us! As designers are doing this all of the time, they are in with the now on latest design trends and advancements in online technology to get the most modern functioning designs. They know about making it user friendly, what font will look the best, colour theory, UI vs UX latest design trends and more. One trend that our designers always stick by since being popular is having a responsive design which means the website is optimised for viewing on different devices. Mobile is a hugely popular website viewing device and if websites aren’t adapted for mobile, you can almost guarantee that you will lose a lot of traffic and potential customers/leads.

Digital Marketing Ready

Bespoke web designs tie into digital marketing nicely because designers and developers will know what websites are SEO-ready and create them to have the best chance at ranking within the search engine. If a site is easily crawled and has good design elements, then the search engine will be impressed! A custom website means that your marketing plans are already in front of the rest. This is why agencies like us offer other services to continue developing your website such as digital marketing with search engine optimisation. We have seen clients come and go with just a website design and then seen their website deteriorate because they don’t have the time to maintain it or update it so that it is search engine friendly. A good, bespoke web design will get you very far, don’t get us wrong, but leaving it without updating or maintaining will cause it to deteriorate and lose visitors as well as domain authority. Don’t let this happen!

Our Process

When we first begin contact with a potential client, we love to get to know more about them. Understanding our client allows us to form an understanding of their needs and what could work best. From this, we then offer our client advice so don’t worry because we won’t lie to you about needing something you don’t. We prefer having an open and honest conversation about the project and plans. Once this is agreed and the client is happy to go ahead, we begin with creating the website designs, then start with developing, test the site and go live. Through each of these stages, we constantly make the effort to inform our clients of everything that is happening and try to get their feedback whilst making any adjustments that they want.

We hope that these pointers have built your trust in agencies for web designs. We know how much your business means with all of the hard work that goes into it, trust us we know because we built ourselves from the ground up! If you’re interested in speaking to us about a web design or any other service we offer, get in touch today for a consultation.

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