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How Prototype are dealing with COVID19.

Last week we made the decision for our team members to work from home for a minimum of 2 weeks. We will monitor the situation and alter our plans accordingly for the safety of our staff and their families, in an attempt to slow the spread.

Here's an insight into how we're dealing with COVID19 at Prototype.

Our health

This is the most important factor. It's very important that we make decisions that concern the health and safety of our staff as early as possible. The current information that we have suggests that it is a sensible decision to work from home, ask team members to be cautious and provide them with all the information we have as and when we have it. So that’s what we’ve done.

Mental health is also a massive factor, so the decision to make people isolate themselves isn't an easy one and we've made sure that we will remain in regular contact with them and try to keep everyone as upbeat as ever and keep humour and motivation levels high. You'll see what some of them are up to further down.

Working from home

Each team member is equipped with their own machine. As we already had the option to work from home, a lot of them have laptops, so we’ve allowed them all to take home their laptops, 2nd screens, iMacs and any other equipment that would help them to complete their tasks. Some will no doubt use cheeseboards and vinyl records for mouse mats.

We've advised that they set up a space in a spare room, if possible, or one away from other distractions, to help them concentrate. This is easier for some than others.

We understand that people work in different ways. Some will work in silence, some will have music on, some will have the company of their dogs, some will put Netflix on in the background and some will video call each other regularly to keep their sanity. This is fine for us. As long as they hit their deadlines.

The Prototype Creative Team


We had team deadlines and individual deadlines even before the outbreak, so this doesn't change how we work. The only difference is the environment. Having the dog and kids running around can be distracting, so it is important that the individual manages their own environment and sticks to the deadlines we set them and keep us updated if it’s likely to slip.


We aren't sat in an open office anymore so asking immediate questions is different. The banter won't be as free-flowing and Slack may take a hammering. We’ll see what effect this has on productivity and who knows, it may even be an opportunity to help us expand on our Working From Home Policy.

Standard working from home attire

Our usual flexi-time working hours are between 7am and 7pm with a requirement to be in the office between 11am and 2pm. But now we're working from home, this has changed to 10am and 3pm to create a larger timeframe where people are contactable (both internally and externally).

We are going to continue our daily standups with a facetime call via Zoom at 10:15am every morning to catchup on projects. This will be performed sat down and it’s NOT, as Darrell’s partner suggested, standing up to prove that we are dressed. This has become very elaborate and turns out fancy-dress was optional. Who knew?

Individual check-in calls are made in the afternoon and throughout the day, everybody is on Slack for instant communication and sending memes.

Contacting Us

If you need to contact a member of staff, please do so via email.
If you have a question about a project, please contact projects@prototypecreative.co.uk
Stay safe and take every day as it comes.

We ain’t goin' nowhere,
we ain’t, goin' nowhere.
We can’t go out now,
cause it’s safer inside.

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