Vector Animation Over Text And Still Imagery?

What are vector animations?

Vector Animations are essentially 2D moving images that are generated digitally. They can be used for a wide range of purposes such as for content marketing, advertising, education, or to be used in the creation of modern website design.

Today, we have decided to discuss whether it could be better to use vector animations over text or still images.

Looking for an example of a vector animation?

Advantages Of Using Vector Animation

Visually Appealing

Now, this may come as a complete and utter shock to you (not), but a large number of people prefer visualising something rather than reading. We, digital consumers, are spoilt with vast amounts of content every day, with a large amount of this being videos and animations. With so many of us being visual learners, having a digital strategy based on text could be cutting out a proportion of your ideal target audience. Animations allow you to cater content for the different types of visitors and could help them be more engaged when exploring your website or social media page.

Spice Up Your Content

If you head over to a competitor’s website or social pages, how often is it that you see vector animations on their feed? Many businesses only ever use text and image content, which can become pretty predictable and boring for some consumers. Why not spice things up and do something different with vector animations? A vector animation can make your content come to life, adding a fun element to your brand. So, set yourself apart from the rest and make your content marketing strategy stand out from the crowd. Set yourself apart from your competitors with some seriously stunning vector animations. Contact us now!

Tell A Story

There is one thing that vector animations can do better and faster than text and images: tell a story. This savvy digital technique can save a lot of time for your audience, who want to take in information quickly, then move on to the next stage in the customer funnel. What would have taken around five minutes of reading time, could take half of that through using a vector animation. Everyone loves their brands to have a story, especially a story demonstrated through animation.

Still need convincing? 

Situations where using a vector animation could be more beneficial include:

· Educational purposes, assisting with learning examples and showing how to do a task, not telling them.

· Show the history of a brand.

· Promote a business or a product.

· To celebrate holidays.

· To reduce cluttered text on a webpage.

· Break down information into easily digestible sized chunks. 

Prototype Creative’s Vector Animation Process

We are one of the largest agencies in Yorkshire and one of only a select few who offer animation services. Now you know why animation is so important in business, we'll let you in on our design process. 


Our consultation process begins with a discussion about what you want the message of the animation to portray and what ideas you may already have. 


Next, we write down any text that must be included and get to work creating a storyboard for your animation. In each line of copy, we write down ideas for the type of motion which could best represent the text. The storyboard is then showed and explained to the client to which it is agreed or revised. 


Once all is approved, we create each frame as an artboard and element as a layer. The design team then work to make the vision into motion adding any narration, sound effects or backing track that needs to be added. Then voila! Bob’s your uncle, Jim's your aunt and, along with one very confusing family reunion, you have one stunning vector animation.

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