​The Ultimate Website Checklist 2022

Competition for having the best responsive web design in 2022 is fierce. Every business wants to look the part and be up to date in the digital world. Many have realised the potential of the digital age and how much more profitable a business can be when going online.

Competition for having the best responsive web design in 2022 is fierce. Every business wants to look the part and be up to date in the digital world. Many have realised the potential of the digital age and how much more profitable a business can be when going online.
With 2022 web design trends including dark mode, responsive websites, minimalism, and micro-interactions only gaining more popularity and adaptation, you need to make sure that these aren’t the only things you focus on adding to your site. We have created our very own checklist of pages, elements and more things to include in your website in 2022 to become the best online.


First and foremost, your website needs your branding running through it. Any web designer knows that having a site based on company branding increases awareness and sends trust signals to visitors that you have an established brand. If your digital agency or person isn’t telling you this, we recommend you have a chat with a real design agency.
Your logo should be prominent on the website’s banners and header along with a colour palette that represents your business. It is useful to include any slogans or catchphrases on the home page to increase awareness too. Fonts should be consistent throughout and reflect your business. You don’t want to be selling funeral policies with a font such as Chalkduster. I mean you can… but we aren’t responsible for the lack of serious leads you gain.


Another important aspect to include are elements that will be present on every page. This includes the navigation menu, people need access to it quickly and it needs to be as easy to use as possible. Making it remain at the top whilst people scroll is something we highly recommend. Alternatively, supplying a small button that enables users to click to automatically be taken back up to the top is a good idea.


Another element to include in our 2022 website checklist is a chatbot. A chatbot enables visitors to speak and get what they are looking for without having to wait for a response from an email or make a phone call. We are no longer stuck in the days of phone calling and emailing, people want fast prompt responses without needing to speak over a phone.

A 2022 must-have web feature is a search box. Search boxes enable users to navigate to exactly what they want without having a mission to find it themselves. If you have quite a large website with lots of information and pages, this is something that we are sure your website visitors will appreciate and it will contribute to a decreased bounce rate.

Social Signals

Social media is an ever-growing online environment, you want to make sure you include social media platform buttons. These are useful to put alongside contact information at the footer of your website. Offering alternative contact methods as well as contact forms on your website are effective CRO techniques.
Learn more about conversion rate optimisation.

Now, it may seem obvious about the pages you should include on your website and there may be more needed depending on the industry you are in but these pages listed below are must-haves. They will work wonders in increasing traffic, interest, engagement, trust and conversions.

Having a blog is an effective SEO method. Regularly writing keyword-rich and informative blog posts about your industry and the trending topics within it will make your guests more informed about what they are looking for and increase the chances of connecting you to your ideal audience. A blog can be created for nearly every business, even for regular company announcements and updates.

About Us
Another no-brainer page to include on your website in 2022. An about us page should explain the following:
-       Who you are.
-       What your goals/aims are.
-       Core values.
-       Certifications/achievements.
-       Company history.

An about us page is where potential customers get to know who they’re possibly going to be doing business with. This is also a good trust indicator, no one wants to buy into a company they know nothing about.


Work evidence/Review
If possible, you should aim to include a page that reflects the work you do and the reviews/feedback you have received for your business. This is also a good way to encourage people to take action, leading them further down the sales funnel. 

Contact pages should include all the methods that people are able to contact you with and find you. They should also contain work hours and any other information about in-person visitors or what to do when people contact your business. This is self-explanatory but we want to emphasise making sure your contact page is filled with information about enabling customers to reach you without any issues and providing them with options.

In 2022, making sure your website can be optimised for search engines is something that has grown and continues to grow as time goes on. Digital marketing is the future and will always be something that businesses need to invest in to be seen online in front of the right audiences.
To ensure your website is SEO-friendly and maintained to this standard, the best option is to hire a digital marketing agency. An agency can stay on top of your SEO for you, making sure your website doesn’t begin to decay which will cause it to lose rankings as well as domain authority. Agencies will ensure your site is audited, technical SEO elements such as schema markup are correct, content is keyword-rich and your site is healthy.

That is our 2022 website checklist which will make sure your site stands above your competitors. There is a lot to do to make sure you have everything right, which is why it could be useful to invest in an agency.
An agency can create the website for you, assist in branding and design work, help provide an easy to access CMS and then make sure your digital marketing is up to scratch. All this is made quick, easy and simple by a design, development and digital agencylike us.
Interested? Drop us a message today to see what we can do for you.

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