The Prototype Origins

Over the years, we have built up our development, digital, commercial, projects and design teams through acquiring some of the best talent around town.

Not everyone’s path to becoming a front end developer or a graphic designer is as straightforward as it seems. Some of our team are going to tell you how they ended up rocking up at Prototype’s doorstep to become the next best pros within their profession with a tad bit of sculpting from our personal development opportunities.

Mallin is our Senior Front-End Developer, he turns designs into scrollable, clickable websites with his expertise. When he isn’t doing this, he’s playing bass and jumping around on stage with his band or you’ll find him in the local boozer with a pint in his hand. 

“When I was 13, my friend and I wrote & drew comics together and we wanted to put them online. I opened a Geocities site and started learning HTML. 

Eventually, I sat in on a computer science lesson in college and started getting excited about it again. I was going to do computer science at university but then didn't go (I was insufferable). Then, I did an IT apprenticeship in Sheffield where I was told that 'they have site builders now, so what's the point in learning web development' - nice dudes but that just motivated me more than anything else. 

Had a couple of jobs working IT support while learning and freelancing until I applied for a Junior Front End job at a place in Rotherham. Aside from a brief stint at another digital agency, I've been here since :).”

Rebecca is our commercial manager, she is responsible for the office’s Spotify playlist choices… which is the reason we prefer home working now. She brings bundles of joy and new ideas to the team.

“Started my working life as an Air Hostess working for different airline companies, then had a car accident at 21 that ended my career just as I got an offer to interview for a role based in London (was so gutted at the time.) 

 Moved from job to job trying to figure out where I would fit in as I always thought I would work for an airline, worked in recruitment for a few different agencies. I didn’t enjoy it, the money was good but the hours weren’t the best. 

 Applied for a job at Prototype because the job advert was brilliant and sounded like somewhere I could finally build a career for myself again. Had an interview with Gav, Josh & Scott thought they were brilliant and the company sounded amazing and here I am 2.5 years later!”

Adam is another one of our lovely developers but this time he specialises in back-end… get your head out of the gutter. Adam can be found playing computer games, playing football and going to the gym. How much of that is true is yet to be revealed.

“I started as an apprentice product designer however the company I worked for went under and my apprenticeship went with it. 
Worked in a call centre afterwards for a couple of years hated it, decided to move to Australia. Lived there for 6 months then came back and started working for the same company I left 6 months prior. 

This time out on-site, I enjoyed it for the first couple of years until there were management changes. Saw an advert for a CS degree, got about 2-4 weeks into it and thought you know what I know enough to get started in a job. How wrong I was! but I’m still here 2.5 years later and still loving it.”

Carl is our senior developer, otherwise known as the code whispered, chief head-scratcher, generous lover, built for comfort. Outside of work you’ll find Carl cruising the parks with his newly found love of bikes or walking his two puppies.

“I dropped out of a BTEC in Business Studies, went into engineering QA (hated that), bounced around doing agency work (mostly driving for firms), did a night job where I refuelled, parked and swept buses at the end of their service. 

Ultimately ended up working as a fork truck driver at a large shop where I had a guy crash into me, prompting a long layoff with shoulder problems - during that time I picked up a book on HTML4 on a bit of a whim and started building pages with framesets and tables whilst fighting with ie7 - what a time to be alive!

At that point, there was no turning back and after a few years of getting myself together (while working in call centres) and dabbling with general software development, I made the career choice to jump to a freelance developer (put up or shut up so to speak), and after around 2 years of that, I joined Prototype in November of 2015. 

 I broke the Ardagh (our biggest client at the time) website in my first week and Butty had to fix it (took about 3 hrs) - I wrote a javascript slider (which was terrible) that was never really used and at some point, I might finish Makers ( (my first Symfony eCommerce site).”

Beckie is our digital lead and is responsible for making us look great online. This also explains why her Tinder profile has so many swipe rights. She even markets her dating profiles.

“I went to college with no clue what I wanted to do with my life. I was flicking through a university prospectus and saw Events Management degrees, which I applied for, with the intention of becoming a roadie. No, seriously... I realised that events weren't for me and spent years working in bars and restaurants, which I loved, but I knew that it wasn't a long-term career goal. 
After seeing loads of marketing jobs, but not having the guts to apply for any, I started working freelance, as a social media manager. I ended up seeing an advert for a marketing job just round the corner from where I lived and applied straight away. I fell in love with the job and ended up taking my manager's job within 8 weeks... with her blessing, I promise. After all of our sites closed with the pandemic, I was made redundant and ended up finding this job advert and, by some miracle, I'm still here!”

Hannah is new to the team as a digital marketing apprentice. When she isn’t working you’ll find Hannah playing football and then complaining that she’s bruised and aching the following work Monday. 

I originally planned to go sixth form but dropped out on the first day and went on to study health & social care at college. Didn’t mind it but I knew I didn’t want a job within the industry. I applied for Criminology at university after having no idea of what to do and ended up pulling my offer last minute as I didn’t want to go.

I got my first job in a supermarket convincing myself I would attend university the next year, although I had no intention or desire to attend. After getting my first job, I really enjoyed learning, working, and earning money but I knew that my role was limited and wanted to do more. I researched apprenticeships and did some digital marketing courses online which I found interesting then had my interview with Josh & Beckie. I love the ethics of the company & the vision they have which is why I am now here!”

Dorna is our financial controller, responsible for dealing with all of our sh*t and making sure the company stays in tip-top shape. 

Previously, I worked in restaurants but knew I wanted to do something more. So, I started my finance career with Prototype Creative whilst heavily pregnant but eager to learn and take on a new challenge. Through the help of the team, I became AATQB certified and manage the finance & HR department.
The past year hasn’t been too easy juggling work and my health, having to take 6 months out of my career due to needing heart surgery. I’m lucky that the team supported me through it and have welcomed me back with open arms, making my transition back into work smoother.”

All of our team have come from diverse backgrounds with some having an interest in their current career all along and others picking up the interest to later then pursuing it. Where there’s a will there’s a way!

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