The Logo Design Process

At Prototype Creative, we understand the importance of making that first impression count and that your brand is part of your story.

We all understand the importance that is put on branding, and rightly so; great branding can be the sole reason a consumer chooses you over one of your competitors.

Our team of branding professionals are true subject matter experts in rebrands, with broad cross-sector experience in branding for start-ups through to blue-chips. We offer a full-service, in-house creative department with the skills and expertise you need to develop and roll out every aspect of your new style.

logo design examples
Just two examples of the many logos our design team have made to create better branding.

So, What’s Our Design Process?

When producing a logo, we work with you in ensuring every decision brings out the best of your corporate identity, establishes your values and enhances the customer experience. Here are the steps we take to ensure that your graphic design goals are met:

But, can't I just get a brand-new logo in 12 hours if I put a job up on Fiverr? Why should I choose you? Well, true. If you’re after a very generic logo that’s already been created and potentially used by other companies, then save yourself some money and grab a super-fast, super-average logo.

However, if you’re after something unique, original and are aiming to translate your company’s vision, values and message through your branding, then we’re the people to do it.

Free consultation and brand evaluation

First, our design team establish what you want and what you need. There’s no point beginning any journey with a client if you’re not going to listen to them. We find out why you came to us in the first place, what your business is lacking, and discuss who you are, what you do and why you do it. With our investigative caps on, our expert team get on with evaluating the current standpoint of your organisation and any current branding you may already have. Does it communicate the appropriate voice of your brand? Is it targeting your ideal customers?

This forms the foundation of everything we do for you, so both parties must be open and honest. We’re never ones to deliver off-the-shelf graphic design and we’ll communicate that to you too, so you’re aware that a logo from us is completely bespoke. The more information you give us, the better we will be able to communicate your company in the form of a logo and brand identity.

Industry research

Whether you’re well-placed in a niche market, or you’re a completely new entity heading into a seriously competitive industry, researching that sector is essential to ensure we design the best possible logo for you.

At Prototype, we delve into the industry leaders, your direct competition and even the small fry to establish what works in attracting your target audience. We analyse the kinds of techniques commonly used in the logos of these organisations and begin to create a list of perhaps missed opportunities and underused design practices. This will ensure that you don’t just blend in with your competitors.

First concept / digital drafts

We aren’t satisfied with creating a brand identity for you that doesn’t have a concept. This may be evoking a feeling from your clients or expressing your personality, so we really think about all the information that you have given us and use it to sketch some initial ideas. The more you share with us, the more we have to go on and the better the results will be.

After gathering all of our research and understanding the needs of your business and of your design, we begin with brainstorming and drafting concepts. These will be incredibly important when it comes to seeing the evolution of your brand identity.

We will present you with our design concepts once we’re happy that we have delivered on your objectives and have created something that truly represents you and your target market.

Feedback and revisions

We’re never satisfied until our client is content.

Although our designers will aim to get it right first time, and there are moments where they do, it is not always what the client had in mind. We take feedback onboard to tweak your branding to perfectly represent your vision of your organisation. After all, its not us we’re designing for.

We’re never too precious over our designs and although our preferred version may not match yours, we are always open to making changes. Unless that change is to make your logo bigger. We may ask for additional information about your business to make suitable alterations.

Logo placement

Logos aren’t just for a Facebook profile picture, or a website header. They will be used in an assortment of locations and you will need many variations of your logo to provide a professional all-round feel to your brand.

Take a look at our work here to see some great examples of how variations of logos can look.

Some of the placements you’re wanting your logo to be could include:

  1. Brochures, flyers and business cards
  2. Websites, email signatures and newsletters
  3. T-shirts and merchandise
  4. Social media icons
  5. Signage and Banners
  6. Product packaging

Think about every product, marketing effort, partnership and outreach activity you have, the possibilities for logo placement are endless, so you need a design that is versatile and adaptable.

Final reveal and deliverables

It’s time to see your brand-new logo! You may know that you require your logo files like JPG, PNG, or EPS, or you might not know what you need. That’s okay; we will send you the files in the formats that match your needs and deliver the logo in all its variations.

Your dedicated designer will provide you with all the details necessary for you to keep your branding cohesive, meaning that you’ll be given font details, colour codes and even brand guidelines, should you need them.

A logo design is one of the most important pieces of marketing that your organisation will have. But, it’s important to remember that having a logo is not the be-all and end-all of your branding. Your logo is most likely the first aspect of your brand that a consumer will take in, so it has to make a big impact, yet demands to be part of a conclusive brand experience that brings your products and services to life, communicating exactly what you’re about.

At Prototype Creative, we understand the importance of making that first impression count and that your brand is part of your story. If you need a logo, your business needs a rebrand, or you’re looking for other graphic design services, get in contact here and let us show you what we can do to scale your business.

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