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As part of our sponsorship with racing driver James Dorlin, we were invited to one of his races in the British GT series.

A unanimous vote (because Spa Francorchamps wasn’t on the poll) from the team, meant went to Brands Hatch and we were not disappointed.

On Friday night, the gang were treated to a tapas meal and several litres of alcohol, the cost of which I’m not at liberty to say. Imagine two waiters trying to perform the duty of a conveyor belt, bringing plate after plate of Spanish goodness to a bunch of hungry drunks that have just endured a 5 hour drive and the scene is set for nerdy jokes, misheard phrases and Laundrette fires (we didn’t do it). Sam thought “they might have forgotten to empty the lint traps” and swiftly set himself a reminder to check his own.

Wining and dining with Prototype Creative

Saturday was practice and qualifying day and a few of us managed to make our way to the track to witness James and Josh qualify on the 2nd row of the grid in 4th place. We were also treated to some impressive accidents right in front of us as we moved around the track, including one where the wheel hit the fence right in front of us.

The group met back up in the evening to continue to abuse Carl for his blunder the night before where he mistakenly admitted to thinking a well-known, crude saying was “two in the pink, one in the sink.” Jokes about washing the pots and photos of pink marigolds were rife.

Carl our development lead
Josh our director at Prototype Creative

The next day, the full group made it out of bed. We met James, had a tour of the garage and a close up look at the shiny McLaren and then set up camp at the first corner to watch the support races.

James who is our design lead
Prototype Creative

The British Formula 3 race drivers seemingly had very amusing names with "Rubbish W*****" crashing out at the first corner and "Nasty Assman" leading the field.

Even a lull in the action on track wasn’t enough to dampen our spirits as a particular car did some test laps of the track. The chants of “One green Saxo” echoed around our little group:

One green Saxo driving round the track.
One green Saxo driving round the track.
And if one green Saxo should accidently crash,
there’d be no green Saxo’s driving round the track.

When the British GT race eventually began, Josh (James' teammate) gained two places in turn 1 to put himself in 2nd chasing down the leading Aston Martin. Holding position for an hour, we made our way to the start straight to witness the driver change first-hand and see James exit the pits in front of the previous race leader. Unfortunately, a safety car meant that another Aston Martin was able to have a free pitstop and take the lead.

We were keeping a keen eye on the #62 Aston Martin that had taken the lead in the pit stops, praying for a safety car while most of the accidents were happening off of the track. Stacked plates smashed all over the paddock, parked cars blocking race cars in their trailers and people falling down embankments. But then our prayers were answered as we saw the #62 Aston enter turn 2 and not come out of the other side. James was now in the race lead.

Prototype Creative Team

With 20 minutes of the race to go, the tension was rising as we counted down the laps with the 2nd place car right behind him. The chequered flag couldn’t come soon enough.

After a poor run of luck for James so far this season, we were there to witness his first win and treated to a true taste of success in the form of slightly warm champagne from the winning bottle and a moist hug from the race winner himself.

The empty bottle now resides in the upstairs office as our own trophy from the weekend.

The whole weekend wouldn't have happened were it not for our relationship with one of our favourite web design clients, James Dorlin. If you would like to become one of our favourite clients and offer us free trips check out our work and contact us for an initial chat.

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