selecting a colour pallette

To help you create the right feel for you brand and introduce some brand guidelines, we have created a list of our 5 favourite online colour-choosing apps.

Whether your developing the look of your website, changing your branding, trying to pick the right images or you’ve got designers block, these tools will create a colour scheme to make you drool.

1. Coolers

With a palette collection of over 640,000, Coolers has got all the variation you need. Using this tool will give you the confidence to start adding colours to your design without worry if they clash.

Going further than other colour picking tools with the Image to Color feature, Coolers identifies starting image colours and automatically gives you the best palette combination – a feature that definitely makes it one of our favourites.

2. Adobe colour CC

The colour choosing app formerly known as Adobe Kuler, this is the Prince of the colour scheme creator world.

Adobe Colour CC really does have it all; from theme generation to quick export options, this app makes life a whole lot easier. Not only does it offer web based usage, you can download the desktop version, which gives you the ability to export your colour schemes straight to Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator – designing convenience through and through.

3. Canva

Canva is probably the easiest way to get the perfect colour palette that has been evading your search.

We all know that inspiration can come from anywhere, like a sunset or a vibrant photo. But how do you get that inspiration onto your palette and into your brand guidelines.

Well, this is where Canva comes in. By uploading images that you found or photos you’ve taken yourself, Canva’s analyses the colours and instantly gives you the colour palette you’ve been after – it really is that quick.

4. COLOURLovers

Think of COLOURlovers as the social media platform for colours. Anything you need to know about colours, believe us, it’s here.

This palette-choosing site really gives you the inspiration for anything and everything. From designing your new website to picking the right colours for your up coming wedding, COLOURlovers has you covered. Besides the endless colour ideas and palettes, the best feature this site offers is its dedicated community that comes with it. If you need advice or guidance on your palette choice this community is ready to lend a hand – they just love colours.

5. Color by HailPixel

Color by HailPixel has made it on to our list of favourites because, well, its fun to use. The full screen colour picker lets you be the perfectionist you were born to be. Simply click to select the colours that you like, compare with other selected colours (choose as many as you want to compare), make a note of the hex number, and add them to your palette and brand guidelines – it’s that easy.

When choosing your colours, we advise that you choose a maximum of five well-matched colours. This ensures that you have leniency when assigning colours to your marking material while being able to create a succinct and noticeable brand. In fact, apply this to interior design and you wont be upset with the end result of your bedroom.

As a full service agency, we at Prototype Creative have created countless colour palettes, brand guidelines, and have created every kind of marketing resource. From printing to high spec websites, we’ve done it all.

If you’re trying to apply your colours to your brand but can’t get it to look the way you want give us a call or complete the enquiry form.

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