rubber ducking

Developers, by nature, are weird creatures...

They like dark rooms and loud repetitive music, so when Carl asked to buy 26 rubber ducks for use in the studio we didn't really think any more of it and handed him a credit card.

That is until he distributed them among the staff and told them to tell the duck their problems, as a mindful employer we're all for communication but this just seemed a bit weird.

However, be assured he's not completely crazy as the process is called Rubber Duck Debugging. Whenever you have a problem you tell it to your duck and, more often than not, by explaining the problem out loud you can see it from a different perspective and find the solution.

In the process of explaining a bug to someone, many developers will have thought of the solution to the problem themselves.

By using a rubber duck, the developer can try to accomplish the same result without having to interrupt anyone else.

If you come to our office and notice the staff aren't talking to each other but instead to the invasion of rubber ducks on their desks, don't be alarmed.

If they're taking a bath with them though, I have no explanation for this.

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