Responsive Web Design Trends 2021

Our Pick Of The Best Responsive Web Design Trends In 2021

What is responsive web design? 

 Before we get into the upcoming trends within responsive web design, let’s take a quick look at what responsive websites actually are. Put it simply, responsive web design is the process of making a website work, wherever and using whatever device imaginable. Sometimes, people and designers can overthink website UI / UX, but organisations must design their websites in a way that can easily be viewed on multiple device types. 

Filtermech responsive web design
A responsive web design we made for Filtermech

Why do you need a responsive website?

We live in a world where people aren’t just using one smart device anymore. Most people are searching for your services, or products on their desktop, then carrying on the search on their smartphones, tablets, maybe even their smart TV screens! To make sure you keep up with consumer trends and demands, having a responsive website is key. 

Over half of any online traffic is being generated from a mobile device now, with this looking to increase in 2021, so having a website that doesn’t seamlessly showcase content on a phone just isn’t going to stack up. The digital consumer is fickle, with plenty of businesses competing for their attention in every sector, so if they don’t get responsive web design straight away, the chances are that they will go looking elsewhere. Website trends are constantly changing, but we know for a fact that our responsive web design services will be around for a long time to come!

Responsive web design trends to look out for in 2021

Smart load and scroll

Smart scroll is essentially the idea that having one long webpage that includes a large portion of your content, will generate longer dwell times and higher engagement levels. It could decrease the amount of time a potential customer spends locating their desired webpage, or the time it takes for them to decide if they want to buy from you, compared to a competitor. 

If your website has a fair bit of content, it may be best not to include everything on one page, but keeping the essentials on there will stand you in good stead for heading up this trend in the coming months. 

Information like an about us summary, an overview of your services, what sets you apart from other companies within your niche and contact information should be on your homepage if you choose to go with this responsive web design trend.

Dark mode

Dark mode is a trend on the rise for websites, apps, games and other user interfaces. This is a very useful responsive design tactic to employ, as it helps those who suffer from migraines, has been known to use less battery on smartphones and, let’s be honest, it looks amazing.

Simplicity and minimalism

Responsive website design is all about aiming to generate designs that are simple to use and easy to navigate and, of course, minimalism is the key to all of this. Reducing clutter and the noise on your webpages is going to be a huge endeavour for those businesses looking to up their website game in 2021. 

Visitors want to see very few things: they want to know what you can do for them, why you are a better choice than a competitor and they want to know how to move to the next stage of the conversion funnel. Hit all of these touchpoints and you are on the road to having a lead generating, conversion optimising, responsive website.

Our responsive web design services

Here at Prototype, we’ve been producing cutting edge responsive web designs that convert for over a decade and have seen significant advancements in website capability. That means we have become experts in predicting and implementing the next big thing for businesses like yours. We have been on top of all of the latest web design trends in 2021, keeping our clients in the loop with the most up to date sites.

From global blue-chip organisations looking to improve their brand profile to sole traders trying to get more enquiries, we have created websites for companies of all sizes, all over the world. As one of the best responsive website designers in the UK, we manage every aspect of your website user interface and user experience to ensure a finished product that beats your expectations. Want to be impressed? Get in touch today.

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