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We all know that in this industry if you don’t keep up with what’s going to be the next website ‘must have’ feature, no one will look twice at your website.

No, that’s not quite right, if you don’t keep up with the next 10 features, no one will look twice at your website.

Luckily, we have created a list of our top 11 web design blogs to keep you riding the wave in front of the one that’s carrying everyone else. Save these to your favourites, join their newsletters and, where possible, set up notifications. Having this fountain of knowledge in your arsenal will keep your website ahead of the curve.

1. 1st Web designer

We couldn’t start this list with any other for obvious reasons. Packed full of information, 1stWebDesigner interests budding and experienced designers alike. Although this blog offers all you need to know to create a website, it knows how to do it while having fun. Adding articles just because they think people need to see them is something we really like. Quirky just doesn’t do it justice. I mean, who doesn’t want to see a Dalek teapot?

2. Creative bloq

Much more than a web design blog! We like Creative Bloq because of the insightful web design articles. We love it because of everything else. If you’re looking for a good how to, some inspiration or some advice, you’ll find it here. This community of like-minded web designers supply all the information you could need to create a beautiful website design and then some.

3. Webdesigner depot

By signing up to their newsletter you’ll be joining us and over 1.1 million other happy readers. Founded a decade ago, Webdesigner Depot have experienced all of the major changes and developments in website design. The knowledge of the community they have created is simply invaluable. Take note of their best website design tips and turn your site into a masterpiece.

4. Design shack

This has made it to our list of favourite website design blogs for many reasons. Chief among these is it’s (where possible) jargon free, and where it is inescapable it’s clearly explained. Design Shack has mastered something that many blogs miss – they understand not everyone reading their blog is a professional web designer. But make no mistake; the information they provide goes beyond insightful.

5. CSS tricks

CSS-Tricks, what can we say about CSS-Tricks apart from that it’s pure genius! Not only are they a leading source of web design news, they present it in a way that makes us hardened designers feel at home. This adobe website style is a great illustrator of what we mean when we say that the blog is pure genius. This brilliant design combined with their helpful articles makes this blog one that will keep you coming back for more.

6. Speckyboy

From responsive design tips to WordPress website design tutorials, SpeckyBoy has it all. Articles are uploaded daily so you’ll never be short of fresh, intriguing and thought provoking content. This blog caters to designers of all walks of life and even offers business tips to web design agencies and freelance website designers.

7. Designer fix

Self proclaimed as “among the best of the best”, and well… they’re not wrong. DesignerFix does exactly what it says on the tin, it give us our daily online graphic design fix. Specialising in online graphic design, this blog has supplied an ever-growing readership with inspiration and influenced the use of graphic design on websites for almost 10 years.

8. Hongkiat

Have you got a client that’s breathing down your neck and you need a solution a week ago? Hongkiat offers the best kind of lifeline. This has to be the easiest to use web design blog. Not only does each article have a clear headline and snippet, it is given a category tag so you know exactly what it relates to before clicking - a great feature that makes this blog perfect for when you’re in a rush.

9. You the designer

Inspiration, articles and resource, could you want more? Well, You The Designer gives it you anyway. Going further than offering all you need for a good website design, this blog gives you business and photography information that will give you the means to increase your client base and standout in a competitive market.

10. Awwwards

This has got to be our favourite online design community. Awwwards blog is an international group of designers who want to share their projects to get feedback and inspire others. Becoming a member, you will be able to vote for your favourite designs as well as being able to upload your own designs and receive professional advice. Take the time to immerse yourself in this community and read uplifting success stories, you won’t regret it.

11. Smashing magazine

Appropriately named, Smashing Magazine is, in the words of Nigel Thornberry, “SMASHING!” At the forefront web and app news, Smashing Magazines lays out all the information you could need in well written, easy to read articles. They point you towards the news you need and the industry topics you didn’t know existed. If you want to improve you design knowledge this needs to be in your reading list.

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