Our Bespoke CMS

Anyone that has had a site built by us may have come across ProtoCMS, our own bespoke CMS (content management system).

But, what are the benefits of having a CMS?

CMS's are important because:

  1. They give you the opportunity to update your website yourself, without having to learn HTML.
  2. You’re more in control of your content. Quick and easy changes mean that you have the power. Which comes with some serious responsibility…
  3. You can have multiple users editing at the same time, which could improve your efficiency. Updating content had never been so simple!
  4. They’re suitable for businesses at any stage, big and small. So, in this case size really doesn’t mean everything…
  5. It’s easy to integrate. CMS sites allow information to be updated or repurposed whenever you need it.

Back in 2012 we decided that it was time to change up the CMS that we were using, it was a bit old but had served its purpose and we needed something more up to date.

We'd worked with all the main ones at the time: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. but found them all to be a bit lacking, and we either had to find a "best fit" existing extension or spend hours over-coding to make it work with the CMS (don't even start me on how WordPress is Blog not CMS software).

Prototype Creative CMS
Our own CMS, created by our talented developers

Everything has its place, and, for us, these main systems weren't it, we were already using the Symfony framework for bespoke development projects so why not build our own, better content management system using that as a base.

The main reason for this was based around the time required to build bespoke functionality, as a company we've always specialised in giving the client exactly what they want and by using our own custom CMS we can get the time it takes to do that right down.

Plus, as we were using the Symfony framework as a base and we wrote all the code for the content management systems means that we can then sell the full copy of the CMS to each client rather than the convoluted license issues that can come with some of the main systems.

In stepped Butty to build v1, there were obviously a few kinks along the way but with our knowledge of building excellent, responsive websites and functional custom software we knew a thing or two about what it needed to do.

Fast forward 8 years and ProtoCMS is now in v2 with v3 in the works, suffice it to say we've learnt a lot with it over the last few years but having our own custom-built, user-friendly system allows us to achieve some fantastic results. Our team pushed the boundaries of web development to a whole new level.

If you’re looking for a responsive content management system that leaves your competition in the rear-view mirror, have a browse over our services and check out what we can do for your business. 

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