merry christmas

Christmas outfit day at Prototype was a success and we're not inflating the results.

For the last full working week of the year we decided to get a little festive. The office was part way there but the staff hadn't put the appropriate amount of effort in yet.

Everyone brought in a little something for the buffet and then I was let loose with the company card to buy some extras, so naturally we then had enough food to feed the 5,000 people in Nazareth as the Bible apparently tells us. There wasn't just fish and bread though. The less we say about bread the better.

A competition for best dressed brought out the competitive spirit in the designers and women love dressing up, so Gav ticked both boxes as he appeared to come dressed as a bearded lady fresh from a holiday in Benidorm. Our other designers came on turkey back, riding Tarquin and Terence although rather ironically were unable to sit down in their chairs whilst inflated. Others included elves, christmas jumpers and a couple of Buddy the Elf t-shirts.

Our winner, the main man himself, Jesus Winder our director and saviour.

Jesus, the quizmaster then put on a Christmas quiz for the rest of the staff with a bonus point for team name. I think we can all agree that the best team name were also the quiz winners and rather worryingly, Darrell knows what Harry Styles looked like as a child.

1st. 2 Turkeys 1 Cock (James, Darrell and Josh) - 19.5 + 1 bonus point
2nd. Team C (Carl, Jason and Sam) - 14.5
3rd. Sumo and the Elf (Scott and Dorna) - 14
4th. Anal Adventures (Becky, Adam and Leon) - 4

As a final festive note, our 2019 Christmas cards have been sent out so we can show you the latest design and development inspired creation that was sent out to our many clients. Classic Christmas icons made entirely out of keyboard glyphs to show off our imaginative skills with a nod to our coding credentials.

From all of us at Prototype, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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