Mallin's Promotion!

Scott (usually referred to as Mallin) was recently promoted to Senior Front End Developer and we wanted to take a minute and reflect on the process, and give some congratulations.

All our employees have management reviews roughly every 6 months, and after we identified a need for a more senior member of staff in the front end team Mallin has been working towards taking on that role.

The role of the Senior Front End Developer at Prototype gives that person the power/responsibility of guiding our progress from a front end perspective and ensures that (amongst other things) we are a) keeping our practices/tech up to date, and b) have someone on hand that is qualified to train our more junior staff members.

Mallin was a pretty obvious choice for this role as he has a wealth of experience but when reviewing any promotion we obviously have to weigh up the pros and cons


  • The first thing any senior member of the team has to be able to do is get on with their peers, Mallin is one of the most liked members of the team so there was absolutely no issue there
  • Knowledge, a senior needs to know their shit, so just get him talking about "Inverted Triangle Architecture", "BEM" and "PostCSS" plugins and you'll know he has that down
  • Dependability, Mallin has been my right hand man for a while now, and as he has progressed over the last year other members of the management team have also been relying on Mallin more and more resulting in unanimous approval of his promotion.


  • He's ginger
  • He's taller than me
  • He's skinnier than me
  • He can grow a better beard than me
  • He plays guitar better than me
  • He's cooler than me

Now, as none of the cons actually have any bearing on Mallin's effectiveness/ability as a senior level employee it seemed unfair to hold those against him, so congratulations are in order, it's an extremely well deserved promotion and will only serve as a platform for Mallin to continue to do great things here at Prototype.

Well done mate!

Carl (p.s I have nothing against gingers, honest..)

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