Launching Our Dedicated Digital Marketing Agency - Bite Digital

We have kept it under the covers for some time now, but we think now is the perfect time to introduce everyone to our dedicated digital marketing agency, Bite Digital.

We have to tell you a secret we have kept under the covers for quite some time now… The past year we have spent countless hours carving our new digital marketing agency so that it is perfect and ready to go live.
Well, now is the time we have decided to announce to you *drumroll please* Bite Digital!
Our hard work and effort for the past year have been dedicated to creating our own anchor company that specialises in marketing online and is able to compete solely within that industry. Of course, we remain working with our team at Bite Digital and still offer our own digital marketing services, but we wanted to finally reveal our best-kept secret yet.
Learn more below about Bite Digital, what it is and where we plan to take it into the future.

What and who are Bite Digital?

We have worked hard to create Bite Digital into their own established digital marketing agency and that time has finally come to let our baby shine! After a great deal of care and time, Bite’s promising pixelated carrot grew and was ripe for picking. We just couldn’t resist the urge.
They can grow businesses the right way by positioning them in front of the right people at the right time, dangling their digital carrots and beckoning them in to take a bite. Bite Digital can research, target and convert ideal audiences into loyal and advocating customers. Their services encompass everything an organisation needs to succeed in the digital marketing realm.

How did we help to build Bite?

What was once a vision, eventually became an action plan for us. We had Bite Digital and the concept of an anchor digital marketing agency at the forefront of our minds for the longest time. Hours spent planning turned into days, weeks and months. We wanted this to be perfect and come across to others with the right message. For our planning processes, we went in all guns blazing involving each team from design, digital and developers. The design team played a huge part in establishing a unique and stand-out brand identity for Bite that would separate them from the competitors. They set about designing the website, social posts and logos. Fair to say that they did an amazing job!
Next, we had our digital team come in to do their thing and work on growing brand awareness over social media channels and content writing for the Bite website. SEO and PPC work was undertaken. Alongside, our trusty developers were grafting away to make sure the front-end and back-end of the website were fit for going live.

Bite Digital - Digital Marketing Agency

Everyone chipped in and we are so excited to finally share it with the public.

What services do they offer?

As they are a digital marketing agency, you can have a pretty good guess that they don’t offer logo design or development. They offer a wide range of digital marketing services which include SEO, PPC, content, analytics, CRO and social media marketing. There is more detail on each service and sub-service such as local SEO, Google Ads and more on their website.
If you want to take a look at what they offer, head over to their services page here.

The Future

Our aim is to grow Bite into one of the biggest online marketing agencies out there. Of course, that is the long-term goal but for now, we want to focus on growing brand awareness and gaining Bite their own clients with enquiries coming in from our digital work over there. Eventually, we would love to see Bite grow to a large agency size and bring in clients that are local, national as well as global. We have already seen some great results over on their social media channels with more people starting to recognise them.
We are extremely proud of our creation and continue to work closely alongside. If you’re interested in any digital marketing service for your business, head over to their website now to enquire. We promise they won’t disappoint!
Alternatively, if you’re wanting some stand out branding or a responsive web design get in contact with our design team today.

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