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With the recent release of the Joker origin movie, it seemed fitting to post about our Mindful Employer status.

Prototype is made up of a relatively small and young team of like-minded individuals. That said, we are a mixed bunch of quirky and driven individuals. You don’t have to spend too much time with us to realise that we think outside the box to get the job done and we have a good time whilst we’re doing it. However, we understand that even in great working environments like ours, in any year one in four of us will experience a mental health problem.

The Joker movie really hits home at how someones attitude at work doesn't necessarily portray what's going on in their head or at home. And although most of the time we are all smiles, we could be oblivious to the true emotion hidden behind the mask. The film is a fantastic depiction of one persons struggle with mental health with a pretty extreme outcome.

We have been working together to encourage each other to collectively keep our wellbeing in check. Throughout our 13 year history we’ve always looked out for each other and have recently signed up to be a Mindful Employer. We love a laugh and a joke, but not at the expense of others.

The Mindful Employer initiative provides businesses with easy access to professional mental health training and information and advice to ensure that the mental wellbeing of staff is supported. It operates nationally as part of the Devon Partnership NHS Trust with services delivered by an experienced team of mental health and employment professionals.

Being a relatively small and young studio, looking out for each other has always been part and parcel of the way we work. Being part of the initiative has enabled us to update and review our procedures and to raise the profile of mental wellbeing to ensure that as we continue to grow, we all know that we’ve got someone to talk to under the watchful gaze of our all seeing and knowing HR matriarch. As well as the internal support that we offer each other, the Mindful Employer have a dedicated support line available to all staff.

We know that at some point any one of us could experience a mental health issue. Working together to ensure our own wellbeing and having open conversations is key to creating an open support network. What makes us, us, is that we are all people like you. We’re not just techno wizards and digital magicians, we’re friends, family members and some of us, parents. We are proud of our work hard play hard ethos, but we look out and listen to each other and our clients along the way.

If you would like to find out more, get in touch.

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