ISO9001:2015 re-certified

ISO9001 is an international recognised Quality Managent System standard intended to help businesses continually improve and ensure that the products / services they provide are of the highest quality.

Usually more at home in manufacturing businesses but we figured that since perfection is something we're always trying to achieve then what better way to get there than to adhere to the same quality principles that some of our clients do.

Now don't get us wrong, achieving ISO9001:2015 as a digital agency was no walk in the park, but it's definitely worth it's weight in gold. It's helped us pin down our processes and procedures to ensure that we're continually hitting the high standards we set for ourselves and that everyone in the team is constantly working on improving themselves.

We originally got ISO9001:2015 certification back in 2019 and have just passed our first ongoing assessment with only 1 OFI (opportunity for improvement) which it's safe to say we're chuffed with.

A big shout out to Darren and Debbie at Clear Quality who help keep us on the straight and narrow and who we can't recommend enough.

If you want to read our Quality Policy feel free, or if you have any questions about our procedures / how it all works just ask.

We're now looking forward to our next BSI visit in 2021 to see if we can maintain the high standards we've set for ourselves!

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