Insight Into Our Branding Consultations

The best way to find out what branding will make your business tick is to have a consultation with our expert design team. Our consultations cover everything from the start to the finish.

Whether you’re a new business needing some unique, stand-out branding or you are a larger company looking to refresh the brand, our design team are always able to find something that will suit you. A brand is one of your business’ main selling points, so you want to make sure it appeals to your target audience and aligns with what your missions and values are.
The best way to find out what branding will make your business tick is to have a consultation with our expert design team. Our consultations cover everything from the start to the finish.
Wanting an insight into what happens with brand consultations and design processes? We will reveal all to you in this article.
First Point of Contact
When you first contact our company, you will most likely be greeted by our lovely projects team. From the get-go, they will get in touch with you to learn more about what you need and then look to set up a meeting and introduce you to the designers that we have.
Our meetings are always flexible and we feel there isn’t a better way than to allow you to speak directly to the design department. In that meeting, we first want to know what it is you are looking for. Is it a complete rebrand? Refresh? Or some general beginner branding?
Learn more about the difference between a rebrand and refresh.
We love to hear about your business along with your aims, goals and everything you stand for. When you know more about a company, it allows for a greater perception of what future colour palettes, imagery, font styles and more could suit the best. Remaining in contact throughout everything we do for you is a big thing for us, we want to know that you are happy with our progress because this isn’t about us. It is about getting the most out of your business and showcasing it to the world. Our professionals are able to offer you expert advice from their wealth of experience about what they think could work best based on your initial ideas. This doesn’t mean you have to take that advice, our designers have a hard shell and understand that revisions and opinions are necessary. That’s the design life!
Reviews, Planning & Presenting
After the first meeting, our team will have made some notes and begin to look further into your business. This involves looking over any current branding on your website or social channels. Research is key here. Conducting a review and being brutally honest with how your appearance is will help us plan better. Honesty drives our work, if we think the branding that you currently have doesn’t need as much work as you thought then we won’t do something we don’t have to. Equally, if we see major gaps within your brand appearance we will discuss this with you and what we need to do next.
After our research, the team will begin drawing up plans and creating designs. Every piece of work we create is bespoke. Once we have drawn up a plan for your corporate identity, we will present it to you. These designs won’t be the finished product but they are in the direction that our guys think will take you forward and be the best.
If our plans aren’t quite what you wanted, we can go back to the drawing board and take your feedback to create some new drafts and guidelines. When these are accepted, this is when we really begin to get to work.
Final Designs & Approvals
Once approved, we get to work on your branding designs. This could include imagery, logos, colour palettes, tone of voice, fonts and more. Any element that you want, we can always make something for it. Our work isn’t just focused on your business, we make sure that it lines up to bring value to your target audience and appeals to them.
Being a full-service agency, we have 360-degree knowledge of the digital, design and development world. Our digital marketing team can assist in market research for the design team to make sure our work will get you above and beyond competitors as well as placed in front of the right people.
Throughout this process, we will remain in contact with you and ask for feedback at different intervals. This is so any tweaks can be made whilst we are in the process and can ensure we get it right the first time for you. Once the designs are all done, they will be sent over to you for approval and sign-off. If approved, we are able to deliver your branding in all formats for printers, web developers and staff members. We provide you with corporate guidelines so that you can solidify your branding and stay consistent in the future.
Referral Services & Future Support
For many of our clients, we offer future support and long-term workings. We tend to take on an ongoing role in the branded design, management and marketing collateral production. We love to build good, long-term working relationships with all of our clients and help them take their businesses to the next level. Many see this as more beneficial than hiring permanently in-house as we are available when and if they need us.
Alongside this, we also have the professionals in other departments available which means if you were to get a new brand design, our team could also implement that onto a new website or app and then promote it like crazy with our digital marketing team to increase ROI, brand awareness and more.
That is how our branding consultations and processes usually go down within our workplace. We love being set a challenge from any organisation whether that be from start-ups, medium-sized companies or blue-chips. Our services are easily integrated into one another and can allow you to get maximum results out of your business.
Our service packages are flexible and customised around your needs, we love to offer excellent value for money. If you’re in need of a brand refresh, rebrand or just some design work in general, get in touch today to book a consultation with our professionals. Interested to see what our design team are capable of? Take a look at our recent rebrand to GTS' website.

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