Development Is Like Flat-Pack Furniture

Settle in for some office ramblings.

We were having one of our general discussions in the office the other day when I suggested that a good analogy for development was flat-pack furniture, random I know, but bear with me. 

In theory, a development brief would be the instructions, if you try to start the process without a good brief then you might as well be trying to put something together with a blindfold on.

Development Instructions

The same idea then works for changing the brief during the build process, if you're making a table and all of a sudden the client decides they want to make it a spinning table then the instructions would need to change and if you've already built that part you'll need to change it or throw it away and start again.
If you then start thinking about multiple brief changes during a project, you can sometimes end up with something that looks more like a sofa than a table.
See what I mean?
Now, this might just be the insane ramblings of a crazy old man, but it makes a lot of sense to me.
The moral of the story kids is to always make sure the briefs are as accurate as possible prior to starting any build to ensure you don't end up with some crazy table/sofa hybrid.
Peace out… do kids still say that?
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