christmas colours

Last Christmas we gave you a card, but the very next day we decided it wasn’t great. This year to confuse you slightly, we decided on something poetic*.

Wouldn't you know it, it was our designers that decided they were poets. So as well as finally incorporating PANTONE® references into our cards (an idea that has been floating around for about 6 years), we decided to choose the colours based on something Christmas-y.

And so it began…

PANTONE® Living Coral may have been the Colour of the Year but it’s not very festive or easy to rhyme. Of course we never even considered this but mentioning it is a sneaky way of getting the keyword onto our website and making this article slightly relevant.

On the first day or Christmas card designing, we decided on Reindeer Poo, obviously**.

In the end, we had 12, some not worthy of print, some not even worthy of social media #abysmal. Santa’s Sack coming with a thwack was very amusing inside the office but should it be unleashed on the outside world? We thought not (until now). The hessian inspired colour of the his sack is a bit skin-like and well... we'll leave it to you to assume the rest.

Here is the full range of cards for your bemusement. We hope you enjoy them.

*Poems may not have been very good.

**Not all of this story rhymes but if we get Christmas songs stuck in your head outside of the festive period, we will consider the article a success.

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