Certified Asana Ambassadors

Long before home working was a big thing, we have always utilised the online tools that help to organise our projects and daily tasks such as Asana. Asana is a management tool that enables our projects team to keep us organised and on track with our clients’ work, allowing us to stay within time frames and on budget. What’s more, is our projects team have gone further with Asana and are now certified Asana Ambassadors! Fancy that, ey?

What does it mean to be an Asana Ambassador?
Asana ambassadors get access to exclusive resources, insider updates, the ability to host Asana events, join the monthly webinar and a snazzy badge to add more proof to the pudding.

But, becoming an Ambassador is more than exclusive access and a lovely badge to add to our accreditations as an agency. This allows our projects department to gain more knowledge on how to utilise the platform to improve productivity and efficiency throughout our company. We also get to keep on top of what is new and what will work better for us, implementing new features to enhance our work.

Working with us
Working with us means that you have your very own pretty project within our Asana platform. We set up your brief, our point of contact and attach any additional information that comes with your project. Projects can create a timeline of tasks and keep on top of the status of these so we know whether we need your approval, whether amends are needed or when it is ready to go live.

Our tasks are tracked with estimates and actuals. We are able to compare throughout the month or duration of working with you whether we are estimated to go over or under the hours and compare that to where we actually are.

Managing our workforce
Asana doesn’t just track our clients, we also track our team… not in a stalker way, we promise! Being able to keep an eye on whether we are hitting our daily hours and if we aren’t, gives us a chance to discuss how we can improve this and make sure our staff members are happy. Our staff can also make notes for themselves here, and customise their dashboard to whatever works best for them. All this pushes us to improve workplace productivity and have a happy workforce & clients.

We like to say confidently that we are the best agency in Yorkshire for anything design, digital and development. Our continued approach to developing ourselves through different forms of training and acquiring accreditations makes us an agency that wants to improve, expand and challenge our limits. So, if you have a project in mind, however big or bizarre, get in touch with us today to discuss it. We love to be tested.

Our Projects Team Are Now Asana Ambassadors

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