brampton united jfc

We've renewed our sponsorship of Brampton United JFC.

Now sponsoring the under 12's home and away kits, modelled by our very own under 12, Becky, as the shirt wouldn't fit the rest of us and somehow fits her.

We've sponsored the team a couple of times over the years (the fact that a relative of Josh's plays for them is irrevelant, honest! That's more likely to make us not sponsor them as we've seen Josh play football and don't know if ability is genetic) so renewing our current sponsorship was a no brainer, particularly when we got to design the away kit ourselves.

This year, #ItsOkToTalk was included on the sleeve to help promote a local initiative to encourage everyone to speak openly about mental health, a subject which is to close to our hearts and that of the club.

#ItsOkToTalk has helped organise events to raise funds for Samaritans and Project14.

We wish them good luck this season!

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