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Behind the scenes at Prototype, we’ve been looking at our own website in the same way that we look at our clients’.

We examined every element of our website to decide what worked and what didn't and developed a plan to improve it to describe us better and show off what we do. We’re pretty proud of the results!

As part of this ongoing process, we set ourselves the task of trying to define what it is that makes us different in an increasingly saturated digital market. We spend time getting to know all of our clients at the start of a project, getting to know them and what makes them different. So as a team we went back to basics and did the exact same for ourselves...

We asked questions to our team as well as to our clients and had a pretty epic brainstorm with a table full of pizza and beer where a common theme started to appear. We realised that what made Prototype stand out is personality! The personality of the company, the personality of our team and the personalities of our clients that we inject into each and every project that comes through our door.

This characteristic resonated with the whole team and was recognised as one of the top reasons as to why people applied to work here in the first place and why they choose to stick around. To reflect our personalities, our experience and what we can collectively offer to our clients, we have each created our own staff biography (in 3rd person, as that's more amusing).

Prototype Creative Quote

We considered the approach of our clients: they’ve been to several design agency studios and they're struggling to choose between them. They are all saying the same thing in the same way and nothing they say makes much sense. That is where we are different and we wanted to ensure that was clear. We removed all of the fluff and got straight to the point, in a language that people can understand. For the website to reflect this, we were aware that we needed to carefully consider our tone-of-voice and imagery to demonstrate both our personality and our knowledge.

This won't be the first design studio website that you have visited but we’d hope it’s the first one that sounds different. We guarantee that all the others said, "Award Winning Design Agency." Wow! All design agencies will have won an award for something, it's surprisingly easy in the industry. I bet they don’t go on to name the award or the year. 50m breaststroke in 1996 would be our guess!

Nigel the marketing campaign character

The site does have similarities to the old one and you'd be forgiven for not noticing the changes. That is because of our brand. We didn’t want to play with that but instead looked at improving the functionality of the website and how we communicate our services. The strategy was much more than an improved website, it involved all of our external communications as a whole. Instead of appearing like every other generic design studio, we wanted to be ourselves. We wanted to show our humour, whilst knowing what we're talking about, and getting the job done.

We incorporated this tone in our external marketing. We recently created a delightful character called Nigel, who you can see on our adverts. Unlike Nigel, we are clear, open and honest in all of our communications and we won’t pretend to be anything that we are not. Nigel, meanwhile, hides behind a great big metaphorical moustache! Throughout our latest advertising campaign, we have remained true to ourselves, using ridiculous puns to promote our knowledge and experience in the field through humour.

Nigel digital marketing campaign character animation
website design llama

Although it's not a million miles away, our all singing and dancing new website is still a work in progress and will soon be the site we've been dreaming about but obviously, all of our client work comes first! We want to ensure it continues to remain up-to-date and becomes perfect so expect some further tweaks.

We put this much thought and effort into all our client work, from the initial design, through the development process and into digital marketing, to ensure that your website is personalised in a way that is relevant to the personality of your business and meets the needs of your clients.

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