A Company Update

"I have decided to leave Prototype”.

Joshua Abbotts - February 2022

After 15 years of co-owning Prototype Creative, I believe I have become quite hardened to the uncertainties, difficulties and surprises that running a business can throw at you. However, I can honestly say that nothing has knocked me off my perch more than those 6 words.
Simple and to the point, but completely devastating to hear.

Josh has made the tough decision to move on from our agency and face fresh challenges in life, to set his sights on new horizons and to smash new targets - which we have no doubt he will achieve.

Josh, you will be greatly missed by the whole team at Prototype, a workforce that you have helped shape and grow into a high-performing creative business. But we know whatever you do, you’ll strive to be the best, as you complete this next chapter.

Josh and I started Prototype in 2007 at the young age of 24 and many of you reading this will remember the days when we had a tiny office, big enough for only 2 desks, but not our ambitions. As well as the cheapest coffee known to mankind… Fuelled with caffeine and candour, we built up our agency and expanded our team.

The relentless efforts and continuous dedication given by Josh over the last decade and a half have not gone unnoticed. These, along with his unmatched personality and constant desire to succeed, have without doubt formed the cornerstones on Prototype Creative's success. Without Josh, there would have been no business, there would have been no us.

As Bob Dylan famously sang, The Times, They Are A-Changin’, and it’s with these changes that my promise to Prototype, its hard-working staff and our fantastic client base, is that we go on, we get stronger, we build for the future.Here’s to you, my friend.


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