sam hellewell

developer (front-end)

Sam is the latest addition to the Front-End team. He works closely with the design team to bridge the gap between graphic design and technical implementation. He will help to create you a blazingly fast website that looks incredible and performs flawlessly on your smartphone, tablet, desktop computer and more.

An avid gamer, Sam likes to indulge his competitive side by going to-to-toe with the enemy team in shooters like Call of Duty and Overwatch. When taking a break from battling against others players online, he likes to battle against monsters in RPGs like The Witcher and The Elder Scrolls.

Away from the virtual world, Sam spends his time trying to find the ultimate Mac and Cheese recipe as well as any others to satisfy his cravings for pasta. He also likes to spend his time drinking mugs upon mugs of coffee and talking to his cat, Chester, who sometimes speaks back to him.

When not levelling up in RPGs, heโ€™s taking his Front-End development skills to the next level with online courses, reading up on the latest Front-End techniques and tricks and keeping up to date with emerging web technologies.

He looks nothing like his photo but if there's ever a camera in the studio, his beard comes off.

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