rebecca walker

project coordinator

80% metal after a "serious" car accident years ago, Becky 2 Boats shouldn't be passed too closely with powerful magnets. Trust us, Fridge Magnet Fridays were boring before she joined Prototype as a Project Coordinator.

Becky 2 Boats started work-life in the Mile High Club as an Air Hostess (that is the cabin crew club, right?), providing her with the expert ability to tell our clients whether a project is here, here or here. She's also one of those annoying people that think we're all going to be blowing whistles instead of trying to not drown.

She then became a recruiter so you'd be forgiven for thinking she would be an arsehole. She's actually not too bad apart from she puts the milk in Tea first.

After realising recruitment just wasn’t for her anymore she joined us with bundles of energy and fresh ideas ensuring the teams have what they need whilst making the office sound like a constant Hen Do with her Spotify playlist choices.

Becky is the Mummy to Hubert and Zebedy and the whole of the upstairs team members. She's our resident expert on nipple daisies (we just learnt they're a thing). She contibutes way too much to the team to possibly get rid of, most importantly, she bought us a toastie machine and we're afraid she may take it with her in the divorce.

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