mike tandy

developer (front-end)

Mike is our latest front-end developer, which means he turns your brilliant idea for a website into code and builds stunningly responsive user interfaces that leave your customers thrilled with both how your site looks and how it works. He joined our ever-expanding team of professionals in 2021, with high hopes of evolving his development skills and ruining his eye-sight by the time he's 35 years old.

Mike started learning frontend development a few years back and, having always been a super visual person, he loved the idea of being able to create just about anything with code and began crafting his Mortal Kombat fan site the moment he was capable...

When he's not battling with Johnny Cage and swinging his nunchucks around, Mike spends most of his time watching South Park and pretending to miss the gym. Yeah... us too, Mike. We can't wait to get back on those rowing machines again... Something about a spin class without the kale-banana-chia smoothie from the overpriced café afterwards and lifting free weights at home alone just isn't the same, is it?

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