josh abbotts


As one of the founding forefathers of Prototype, Josh continues to head up the development wing cellar of the company. More of a Dictator than a Director, he ensures that his developers have no means of escape and any temptation to do so is met with loving caress and a bosom heavy man cuddle.

Controlling the client liaison of many of our large and overseas customers, Josh finds himself on first name terms with many bar staff and hoteliers around Europe – often forgetting to visit the clients he was there to see in the first place.

Outside of the bar, his admission to being a modest, committed family man to 2 wonderful children ranks 2nd on his list of life’s proudest achievements, falling short only to being Ryanair’s No.1 buffet cart customer – globally- for 4 years running.

With a motherboard for a brain, problem solving and more often than not - problem causing, coupled with a very particular management style, cements Josh’s reputation in the technical arena across the land.

In his spare time, he likes to keep fit and hit the Jim, and on every other Thursday stars as the lead role, Tony ‘Hannah’ Montana in Scarf Ace at the Brampton Amateur Production Society (BAPS).

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