jason butler

senior developer (back-end)

Jason Butler - Or Butty as he’s more affectionately known (this can change to Cobb / Barm / Chip Sandwich, subject to his geographical location at the time) has rocked the 0's and 1's at Prototype since May 2011.

Previously a big fan of working in pitch black solitude, he can often be heard screaming Lighty No Likey since being moved into the studio and into the light as a pivotal part of our development team, or ‘sat with the normallers’ as he sometimes states.

A black belt in PHP and self-ranked top 5 geocacher in Sheffield, Jason’s spare time is spent climbing trees and swimming underwaterfalls looking for tupperware tubs as well as enjoying time abroad at one of his many timeshares.

Being a big project worker unfortunately means plenty of client contact, so more recently he’s replaced his trademark ‘Hey, How’s it going’ opening line, with a parrot called Mavis that now does all his talking for him.

Never one to shy out of making the brews, just not how you ordered, unless you asked for a tea bag in the bottom of your coffee. Butty is powered with a risqué combination of caffeine, Subway salads, and Electro Octupus Acid Death Trance.

Nice bloke.

Don’t ask about the sock.

ask about the sock

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