james wilson

design lead

James is our Design Lead. If you work with us on a project at some point, chances are you’ll speak with him.

He is responsible for the majority of the websites and apps that we design. Beginning in Adobe Illustrator, James creates pixel-perfect web layouts that will work responsively for all devices. He then provides clients a PDF visual or Adobe XD link to demonstrate how the website will look. It is then his responsibility to make sure that built site matches his layouts and works as he intended.

James has worked for Prototype for years now and has worked his way up from Junior Designer to Design Lead. He is vastly experienced as a designer and prior to starting at Prototype, he was designing websites and print documents as a freelancer for some large Sheffield-based companies, including the web design for the Sheffield Arena that he was commissioned to do through a Rotherham design agency.

James has a keen eye for detail and doesn’t stop creating things when he goes home. After buying his house, he has designed and built almost every aspect of it from garden landscaping to all of the furniture within it.

When he is not being creative, he likes nothing more than a blast around the country-side on his crotch rocket, within the speed limit of course, climbing rocks un-harnessed to dizzying heights of about 15ft, and endlessly falling onto his backside on a snowy slope with a board strapped to his feet.

If he hasn’t tried blagging money off you yet to fund a houseboat, you can’t have had a proper conversation with him.

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James Wilson & Gav Winder
James Wilson & Gav Winder
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