hannah barden

digital marketing apprentice

Hannah is the new apprentice in our digital marketing team here at Prototype Creative. She joined us in lockdown 3.0, so most of us are still convinced that she's a catfish. But, it sure would explain why she's constantly asking us to cash app her...

Regardless of her being constantly short on cash, Hannah has taken the brave first step to embark on her new career path in digital marketing, and she couldn’t be happier to start it with such a brilliant, hard-working, and dedicated team. We 100% did not bribe her to say this…

She currently spends most of her time working on internal projects, spending hours and hours making sure that we look in top shape on social media and ensuring that we have the most up to date, valuable content on our website. As Hannah gains more experience, we can't wait to start giving her more client work. One thing Hannah hates is cluttered desktops and unorganised chrome tabs so be warned before she has a mental breakdown from seeing yours.

Before the pandemic struck, Hannah spent her Sunday afternoons running around a field, calling herself a striker. She called it football, but we're not so sure that counts, as she only enjoys staying in the opponent’s half of the pitch and if you ask her to help defend, you’ll probably get ignored. Typical goal poacher.

With the distinct lack of sports allowed this year, Hannah has recently embarked upon a newer hobby of photography. She has found that this is a great way to avoid all forms of social contact so before you ask to hire her for your wedding, or photograph your newborn in a flowery headdress; she only takes pictures of grass and sky. How exciting. If you ask her, she will tell you it is, “landscape,” but all we see is a field and clouds. maybe we're just not the artsy type.

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