gav winder


Hero, legend and top bloke are some of the words not used to describe Gav. He is however a non-judgemental, creative optimist and breeder of twins, who's a lover of all things retro and plans coming together.

As an avid Adidas Originals and random football shirt collector, Gav is fascinated by branding throughout the decades and cites the book ‘Japanese Graphics Now’ as his main creative influence.

Once a multi-faceted designer, he recently side-stepped into the commercial realm and now spends his days trying to sell things to people, that he’s not actually allowed to design.

When speccing out a potential project, he often puts his 5 GCSE’s and Level 2 in Food Hygiene to prominent use in a bid to deliver the best possible solution - chuck in a brew and a bag of Sports Mixture and more often than not an absolute worldy of an idea is born.

Loves a gradient.

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