daniel scatchard

business administration apprentice

Daniel is our new Business Administration apprentice, here to join forces with Scott and Becky to make up our operations team. Even though he came on board with the Prototype Creative team in lockdown 3.0, meaning most of us haven’t met him face to face, he’s already created a great impression.

His main role is to help our clients with any questions they may have about their projects and our services and is generally able to tell the rest of the team what they should be doing and when.

Daniel is a huge Sheffield Wednesday fan, sorry you had to find out this way Gav, and can’t wait to get back to spending his weekends getting drunk with a load of chanting men. He can’t wait to watch the football again, too…

If Daniel can be bothered with social interaction outside of the office, let's be honest, it is a real effort sometimes, he’ll spend his time either in the gym or with his friends, no doubt discussing the beautiful game. Despite his love of high-intensity workouts, Daniel has a strange aversion to greens and he would rather be chowing down on a couple of packets of chocolate buttons, instead of rustling up a quick and tasty kale-chai-latte-banana-bread-spirulina-candy-cane smoothie. Wouldn’t we all…

Daniel works best when his Spotify playlist is blasting anything above 126bpm and he really does believe that his music taste is superior to everyone else’s, so we’re all super glad he’s spending the majority of his time working from home right now.

Once Daniel has completed his apprenticeship with us, no doubt passing with flying colours, he hopes to pursue one of the many business/operations career paths open to him, preferably working in a client-facing role. Probably so that he can share those delicious smoothie recipes.

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